About supermagnete


It started in 2003 as a one-man show, and today it is flourishing company with approximately fifty employees. Our customer service team takes care of you in German, English, French and Italian. More information


We owe our success also to the good and long-standing cooperation with our reliable partners. More information


From going online with the first customer application to shipping our millionth order - here you will learn everything about the history of supermagnete. More information


It all started in the USA after bad online purchasing experiences of our current company owner. More information

Our partners

Murghof shipping team
Employees of the sheltered workshop Murghof in Frauenfeld (Switzerland) are responsible for storage and shipping of our magnets.
Each package is assembled with great care and the contents are checked twice.
We are glad to have found such a reliable and service-oriented partner for this important task.
The parcels for our customers within and outside the European Union are sent from our warehouse in Gottmadingen through DHL/Deutsche Post World Net. All packages need to be signed by the receiver.
Packages for our Swiss customers are sent through the Swiss Post.
We trust our partner Lamprecht Transport AG with transportation and customs clearance.

Our history

January 2003 www.supermagnete.ch goes online.
November 2016 On "Black Magnetic Friday" we processed 1479 orders.
November 2016 More than 20 000 orders are processed in a month.
October 2017 Webcraft has 50 employees by now.
October 2017 Since the company's inception we have processed 1.5 million orders.
January 2018 The web shop https://www.supermagnete.ch has been online for 15 years.

Our Beginnings

It all started in 2001, when I ordered, more by chance than by necessity, some neodymium magnets from a web shop in the US. These magnets caused great amusement and amazement amongst all my friends. Nobody had seen such absurdly strong magnets before.
When, at the end of 2002, a career move was in order, I decided to program a webshop, over which I would sell these type of magnets. As a software engineer I had already made quite a few purchases on the web and had thereby encountered a lot of online shops that didn't work properly.
Chances that one could successfully close the order, and then actually receive the ordered items in the time span promised were at about 50%. Inquiries by e-mail were often not answered at all or one received a pre-fabricated answer that didn't answer the question submitted. On the phone often nobody could be reached. Delivery was rarely on time, products were suddenly not available anymore, orders were lost, and so on and so forth. I pledged to myself to avoid all mistakes that I had encountered on other shops, to keep the shopping process as simple as possible, and to answer each and every e-mail, if possible within hours.
Meanwhile our team has quickly grown, but we keep with the principle of a simple and easy to use website as well as first class and personal customer care.
Today, a ton of overtime and over 1,5 million orders later, the numerous positive customer feedback seems to indicate that we are on the right track.
Your Matthias Ackermann, Owner