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Workshop magnets: magnetic tools & accessories

Optimise your workshop with magnetic accessories. Workshop magnets help you stay organised, for example, by keeping tools and small metal parts such as screws or bits within view. Or how about magnetic tools to help you? Magnetic gloves, welding magnets, magnetic pick-up tools and more can be found at the supermagnete online shop. We also carry non-magnetic accessories such as cable ties or storage cases for you in our assortment.
Magnetic tool strips
For tool storage
Magnetic pick-up tools
For gathering smaller metal items
Magnetic bowls
To keep nails, screws, etc.
Other workshop accessories
Useful products for the workshop
Lifting magnets
Magnets for lifting ferromagnetic loads
Magnetic cable holders
Magnet systems with cable bracket
Cable ties
For securing cables, conduit, pipes, etc.

Utilise the power of magnets with workshop magnets

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or professional builder, workshop magnets will make your tasks easier. In addition to magnetic pick-up tools, magnetic tool strips and magnetic bowls, you will also find other magnetic tools and accessories at supermagnete, for example:

Popular (magnetic) products for the workshop