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Magnetic products for office and school

Here you can find strong magnets and magnetic products for use in the office and at school: Extra-strong office magnets for whiteboards and boards, but also magnetic boards and whiteboards, physics magnets, magnetic note holders, magnetic name tags and various accessories for whiteboards and magnetic boards.
Office magnets
Strong noticeboard magnets and board magnets
Whiteboards, whiteboard paint & Whiteboard Sheets
For presentations and organisation
Iron sheets
Can be written on and are ferromagnetic all at once
Whiteboard accessories
Everything for the whiteboard
Magnetic boards
Multi-functional magnetic noticeboards
Magnetic strips
Keys, knives and tools within easy reach
Metal strips
Stylish surfaces for magnets
Experiments & School
Exciting educational tools
Name tags
Attaching made simple with magnets
Memo holders
Cute magnetic animals as notice holders
Magnetic hooks & magnetic clips coloured
Perfect for lightweight items
Office accessories
Useful items for your office and desk
Magnetic paint
For versatile wall design
Blackboard film & chalkboard paint
Your wall becomes a blackboard

Better organisation thanks to practical magnets for offices and schools

Ferromagnetic surfaces such as whiteboards and metal strips can help you organise your notes and documents. Thanks to our strong office magnets, everything will stay in place and can be rearranged as needed. Magnetic office accessories such as magnetic pouches and magnetic clips provide even more options for organising your documents. Browse through the products in our online shop, and you will discover clever magnetic accessories that will make everyday life in the office or at school easier.

Popular magnet products for offices and schools