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Social responsibility and environmental protection

Social commitment

We are well aware of our social responsibility as a company. Our company founders have always put great emphasis on the social aspect of our business relationships, and this has not changed in our company philosophy to this day. Aside from generous working conditions and employment of disadvantaged and older employees, it is important to us that these values of non-discriminatory and respectful collaboration are also shared by suppliers and cooperation partners. For many years, we have been working very successfully with various social institutions, and we would like to introduce you to some of our partners below.

Murghof exterior view

Murghof workshops

Since 2004, just a few months after the launch of our online shop, the Murghof workshops have been a strong partner in storing, order picking, packaging and shipping of our magnets and have grown successfully with us over the years. They provide people with psychological impairments meaningful work in a protective environment. We are proud of the many years of productive cooperation and will continue to count on the Murghof workshops as a first-class partner in the future. You can find more information about our logistics partner at Murghof workshops.

Logo of the St. Jakob Foundation

St. Jakob Foundation

The St. Jakob foundation offers people with disabilities secure employment in various professional fields. They use our magnets to manufacture the wooden magnet set, the modular knife block, the magnetic knife block 'Pentagon' and the magnetic wooden knife rack. We are also happy to frequently support the pastry department of the St. Jakob foundation by purchasing employee or customer gifts. You can find out more about the foundation at St. Jakob Foundation.

Local artisans in Madagascar


With the sale of our MadagasCAR refrigerator magnets, we support local artisans in Madagascar and the project 'Kinderhilfe Madagaskar - Zaza malagasy' (Children's Aid Madagascar). The small pieces in the shapes of cars, motorbikes and bicycles are made in Madagascar from old tin cans and fitted with our neodymium magnets which we provide free of charge to these workshops. We buy the finished refrigerator magnets at a fair price, the proceeds of which allow for the employees not only to be paid fair wages but also to receive health insurance. Furthermore, our profits from the sale of these magnets are donated to the project 'Kinderhilfe Madagaskar - Zaza malagasy' for building schools in rural areas of Madagascar. Learn more about it at kinderhilfe-madagaskar.ch.

Logo of the Special Olympics Switzerland

Special Olympics Switzerland

The Special Olympics are an athletic movement for people with intellectual impairments. Through sports, it manages to give them a sense of belonging and to make exercise a part of everyday life. We have been supporting the Special Olympics Switzerland since 2016 with an annual sponsorship of 250 francs which helps one child with their athletic development. You can find detailed information about this athletic movement at Special Olympics.

Environmental protection

Unfortunately, little can be changed about the mining site and transportation routes of our products without having to offer a completely different product range. The natural deposits of the rare earth element neodymium are located in China and Australia. Nevertheless, we always strive to optimise our processes towards sustainability.

Warehouse Murghof workshop

Order frequency and stock availability

We make every effort to only place a low number of large-volume orders with our suppliers in China. This reduces the environmental impact while ensuring a readily available inventory of our products.
Packing materials supermagnete

Packing materials

Whenever possible, we try to use environmentally friendly alternatives as packing materials for our orders, such as recycled cardboard, for example. Since the magnetic field of strong magnets must be adequately shielded for transport, packaging of our magnets is fairly complex. You can find more information on this topic in our FAQ Questions about packaging.
Logo of the 'One Tree One Life' campaign

Green Friday

Since 2020, we have been holding an alternative sale instead of Black Friday, namely Green Friday. A percentage of our daily revenue goes to the 'One Tree One Life' campaign by BOS Switzerland. With our donations, already more than 2000 trees were planted and will be fully tended for five years. Find out more about this campaign at 'One Tree One Life' campaign by BOS Switzerland.

... and that's not all

Both causes, social responsibility in the business world and the central aspect of environmental protection, are very important to us. We are always trying to find new ways to get even more involved in these areas.