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These accessories are particularly suitable for neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets, pot magnets and magnet systems. With every accessory, you will find convenient links to a selection of matching magnets.

Cable ties
For securing cables, conduit, pipes, etc.

Hooks & eyelets
To screw into pot magnets

Nuts & Bolts
Accessories for our pot magnets

Pipe clamps, cable clamps and spring clips
Accessories for our magnet systems

Screw-on metal plates & metal discs with a hole
Reliable counterparts for magnets

Self-adhesive metal discs
They stick to smooth surfaces

Perfect for our pot magnets and deep pot magnets

Rubber caps & rubber discs
Skid and scratch protection for delicate surfaces

Steel Spheres
To join with magnets

Special magnets and accessories

Your magnet project: The right accessories guarantee success

Are you planning your next project with magnets and still need the right accessories? In our online shop, you will find a large selection of different accessory products. Especially for pot magnets, you can find many complementary products such as screw hooks, plastic handles and rubber caps.

Popular accessory items