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Welding magnet large

magnetic welding angle, with on/off switch, side length approx. 12 cm

Item number WS-WLD-02
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This large welding magnet eliminates the need for an awkward grip while welding, freeing both your hands to concentrate on your work. The welding magnet, also known as a welding angle, works with sheet metal, plates, pipes, angle profile and round materials. The magnetisation can be turned on and off with a toggle switch. A truly practical soldering and welding tool for DIY enthusiasts as well as professional craftsmen.

Here are the advantages of the welding magnet large:

  • With the magnetic welding angle, larger ferromagnetic objects such as sheet metal, metal profiles or pipes can be precisely aligned at angles of 45 or 90 degrees before welding.
  • Only activate the magnet inside the welding angle when it is in the correct position. This will make it easier to position bigger pipes or profiles, for example.
  • When not in use, the welding angle will not attract nearby metal shards, thanks to the deactivated magnets. This allows you to clean it more easily, and the adhesive force of the magnetic welding angle will last longer.

Technical data

Article ID WS-WLD-02
EAN 7640155438995
Material Ferrite
Strength 24 kg
Thickness 3,2 cm
Length 12 cm
Design Welding magnet
Weight 1,3 kg
The toggle switch to turn the welding angle magnet on or off is easily accessible on the top of the welding angle.
The ruler shows what side length the welding magnet has. The indicated thickness does not include the switch.
The adhesive force of this welding angle magnet is 24 kg. The welding angle can be easily removed after use.

Welding magnets are suitable for use in welding shops, steel mills, workshops and machine assembly. Use the magnetic welding angle to precisely secure workpieces in place before soldering, assembly or welding.