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Smart putty 'Crystal Clear'

transparent, not magnetic!

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What? An empty can? No, this smart putty is transparent and looks like liquefied glass! The consistency of Crystal Clear sets it apart from other putties: It is extremely soft and therefore hardly bounces, plus it is somewhat sticky. Like other putties, you can pull it like gum and it melts away when you leave it alone. The magic putty comes in a practical metal container.

Other nice characteristics of smart putty:

  • Does not contain water and therefore does not dry out
  • Does not stick and is not greasy – keeps hands clean
  • Is nontoxic and therefore suitable for children 4 years and older

Technical data

Table of Contents80 g
BrandIntelligente Knete
Weight140 g
Important features of "Crystal Clear":

  • When you play with the putty, it takes on a murky colour quickly. If you put it back into the can, it gets lighter again, but it will never get totally transparent again (except for the bubbles) after prolonged use.

  • Dirt is very visible on the putty.

  • The putty may leave stains on paper or other surfaces.

Hence, our advice: Always store the putty in the closed can when you don't use it.