Whiteboard paint L 1litre

for an area of 6 m², white or transparent, not magnetic!
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With whiteboard paint, you can turn almost any smooth surface into a dry-erase whiteboard, suitable for use with board markers - whether it is a large wall, a door, a cupboard or an old blackboard. DUPLI-COLOR whiteboard paint can be used indoors as well as outdoors, in living spaces, classrooms, offices, healthcare facilities, conference rooms, etc.

Please keep the following in mind before you start painting: The smoother the surface, the easier it will be to erase writings or drawings from the whiteboard. For optimal results, the painting surface must be as smooth as possible and completely dry. Very porous surfaces should be pretreated with dispersion primer. In contrast, smooth lacquer coated surfaces need to be sanded so the whiteboard paint will adhere.

Characteristics of DUPLI-COLOR whiteboard paint
  • Adheres perfectly to all smooth surfaces, such as wood, metal, brick, plastic, stone, etc.
  • High-gloss, water-soluble 2-component paint
  • Coatings are extremely durable and resist yellowing
  • Great resistance to hand perspiration, scratches and abrasions
  • Can be combined with magnetic paint
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Technical data

Article ID M-WP-1000
Yield 6 m²
Made in Switzerland
Weight 1,2 kg

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Additional features and tips

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You can use whiteboard paint in the kitchen, for instance, to jot down shopping lists on the wall or leave notes for your loved ones. Or turn your foyer into a whiteboard on which your visitors can get creative.

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A children's room is a wonderful place to discreetly integrate whiteboard paint. Finally kids can do what they always wanted - draw directly on the wall - and parents are happy because they can easily wipe everything down again.
When white whiteboard paint is applied over a dark surface (such as magnetic paint), it takes at least to coatings for optimal coverage. The transparent paint does not offer this kind of coverage. Each coat of paint should dry for 3 hours. Please note: Once opened, the paint will only remain usable for approx. 3 hours (see data sheet). Therefore, you will need another can of paint, if you want to apply more than two layers of whiteboard paint.

Please refer to the technical data sheet (PDF - German) for more information on the use of whiteboard paint.
The video shows a successful combination of magnetic paint and white whiteboard paint: a writable and wipeable wall that also holds magnets.

Note: Contrary to the information in the video, the magnetic paint needs to dry for 2 weeks before the whiteboard paint can be applied on top of it, which prevents uneven textures on the surface!
Before using this paint, please review the tips in the technical data sheet (in German only), so you know what to keep in mind regarding the surface (base) you paint on. An excerpt below:

  • The smoother the surface, the easier it is to clean the area again.

  • Pretreat dark surfaces with a white primer.

  • Pretreat very absorbent surfaces with a dispersion varnish.

  • Give finished surfaces (e.g. doors) a quick sand-down.