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Singing magnets

1 pair in gift box, 45 x 16 mm
promptly deliverable
Available: 709 sets
Delivery time: 2 - 5 business days
Price and rebate
1 set 3,61 EUR/set
from 3 sets 3,05 EUR/set
from 10 sets 2,59 EUR/set
from 20 sets 2,37 EUR/set
from 40 sets 2,18 EUR/set
incl. 21% VAT plus shipping


The Singing Magnet (Latin: magnes cantante = singing magnet) belongs to the family of worry or palm stones. It's an exceedingly rare and unique species. These little things are so dependent upon each other that you will only see them together in the wild in pairs. Whoever holds a couple of these magnets in their hands will automatically start playing with them and, after a few minutes, putting them aside will become virtually impossible.

Why are they called singing magnets? You'll find out when you separate them and throw them both up into the air!

Prices shown are for pairs of magnets.
Read about more features and tips

Technical data

Article ID ZWO-2
Material Haematite
Weight 86 g/set

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Additional features and tips

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In order to get the magnets to chirp, hold them in your hand as shown. Throw both magnets into the air at the same time, so that they collide together while airborne. It's not as hard as it sounds and normally works after just a few tries!

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Important tip: The magnetic spheres do not "sing" forever. After repeated collision on the same contact surface, the surface will be damaged and the spheres will no longer "sing". Tip: When the ovals are worn away on one side, rotate them both 180 degrees and they will continue singing for you. In this way, the magnets will survive about 450 collisions.
The singing magnets are delivered in a lovely metal gift box.
Here you can see the singing magnets in action.