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Stainless steel discs self-adhesive

self-adhesive surface for magnets, set of 10

Item number FO-9
Unit of Sale 1 set
Brand: Flux Objects
Price and rebate
1 set 6,78 EUR/set
from 3 sets 5,90 EUR/set
from 10 sets 5,10 EUR/set
from 20 sets 4,73 EUR/set
from 40 sets 4,38 EUR/set
incl. VAT plus shipping

6,78 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

promptly deliverable

Available: 107 sets

Delivery time: 2-5 business days

Number of sets


The world's smallest magnetic board!
Per set, you receive 10 small stainless steel discs with a self-adhesive back side. The diameter of each disc is only 15 mm (with 0,4 mm thickness). These "miniature magnetic boards" can be stuck onto various surfaces. With smaller magnets you can attach, for instance, postcards or pictures.
Magnets are not included in the delivery. Small rod, cube or sphere magnets (linked under "accessories) work well.

Technical data

Article ID FO-9
EAN 7640155432337
Flux Objects
Diameter D 16 mm
Design Self-adhesive (film)
Thickness 0,4 mm
Quantity per set 10 pieces
Made in Germany
Colour Silver-coloured
Shape Disc
Weight 2 g/set

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