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Metal band self-adhesive

Self-adhesive surface for magnets, light grey
promptly deliverable
Available: 4 449 m
Delivery time: 2 - 5 business days
Price and rebate
1 m 4,74 EUR/m
from 3 m 4,23 EUR/m
from 10 m 3,82 EUR/m
from 20 m 3,59 EUR/m
from 40 m 3,41 EUR/m
incl. 21% VAT plus shipping


Topseller: More than 150 000 m sold!
Metal band with self-adhesive cushioning on the back side. The band can be cut to the desired length with normal scissors, since it is only 0,15 mm thick. It also sticks to textured walls and is easy to install around corners. Attention: This is a metal band, not a magnetic tape. This metal band is wonderfully suitable for hanging up your postcards, event invites, photos, business cards, children's drawings, posters, etc. with magnets. We recommend using the following magnets: Larger magnets will only attach slightly better because the metal band is too thin for this purpose.
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Technical data

Article ID M-10
Width 35 mm
Thickness total 1.15 mm
Thickness metal band 0.15 mm
Made in Germany
Weight 45 g/m

Additional features and tips

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The metal band will be delivered in a roll - maximum length of 25 m. If you order, for instance, 3 metres, you'll receive a 3 metre long band, so you can cut it to the desired size.

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The backside consists of a self-adhesive foam padding. Just cut (with household scissors), remove the foil, press on, finished.
Also adheres to rough or uneven walls. Note: Do not use on wallpaper. The wallpaper can be damaged when the band is removed (this stuff sticks really well...) The colour is similar to Pantone 427C and pretty close to RAL 9018 (but not exactly).
The metal band is a suitable surface for postcards, business cards, notices, cinema programs, photos, etc. Pictured here, a K-08-C: Sphere magnet Ø 8 mm. No more pushpins and holes in the walls!
The rod magnet 5 x 8 mm proved to be very suitable for this metal band.