Useful information about magnets

Questions about magnets?

Our large collection of Q & A about magnets, magnetic products and magnetism will certainly help you.

What's the adhesive force of a magnet?

Use our practical adhesive force tool to accurately measure the adhesive force of neodymium magnets.

Safety above all

Strong magnets are not toys; they can cause life-threatening injuries. Consider the safety tips for the safe use of magnets.

How much Gauss has a N42 magnet?

We have a detailed, sortable table with the physical data of our neodymium and ferrite magnets.

I want to see your magnets in action

Whenever possible, we try to incorporate videos with our products. We also have a collection of self-produced videos and we run our own YouTube channel, to which we constantly add videos.

Pole Detector App

Identifying magnet poles made easy! Our free app is a simple tool that helps determine the south and north pole of a magnet.

Life Hacks

The internet is crazy about the so-called life hacks! These tricks help to solve everyday problems in a surprisingly simple way. We have tested many different life hacks with magnets and introduce you to our top 10.

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