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Plastic handle with threaded stud M8

conical, black

Item number M-PAH-EM8
Unit of Sale 1 piece
Price and rebate
1 pc. 6,15 EUR ea.
from 3 pcs. 5,74 EUR ea.
from 10 pcs. 4,83 EUR ea.
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6,15 EUR

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Available: 724 pieces

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This tapered plastic handle with galvanised threaded stud M8 is the perfect accessory for our pot magnets with internal thread. You can find links to matching pot magnets below. This sturdy plastic handle is especially useful in combination with strong magnets, making it much easier to detach the magnets from ferromagnetic surfaces.
You can also use this handle together with a pot magnet, for example, to hang items on it. In that case, please make sure to read our FAQ about shear force. The plastic handle is not only suitable for use with our magnets but can also be utilised as a machinery control element.

Technical data

Article ID M-PAH-EM8
EAN 7640172691267
Height H 82 mm
Diameter D1 21 mm
Diameter D2 15 mm
Thread length t 10 mm
Thread size M8
Material PF-31 Duroplast
Design With threaded stud
Weight 35 g
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