Swiss Cube

Deco magnets red with Swiss cross, Side length approx. 12 mm
promptly deliverable


These cubes are made of multiple layers of red acrylic glass. A 5x8 mm rod magnet with an adhesive force of approx. 1 kg is embedded in the centre of the cube. Not only are these magnets fun, they also stick very well! Six A4 sheets of paper or a normal postcard are no problem for these magnets!
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Technical data

Article ID AG-01
EAN 7640155430883
Strength approx. 1 kg (approx. 9,81 N)
Made in Switzerland
Sticks to whiteboard 6 A4 sheets
Edge length 12 mm
Weight 3,4 g

Additional features and tips

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These magnets are made in small quantities by the Transmet Werkstatt in Wil; the Werkstatt provides working and learning opportunities to job-seekers.

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The magnet rod is countersunk and holds approximatel 1 kg. The length of the cubes edge is 12,5 mm.
They're even better combined with postcard greetings from Switzerland.
Six A4 sheets of paper.
From the side. The swiss cross is glued onto the surface of the cube.