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How can I write on magnetic tapes and sheets?

Our magnetic sheets (incl. magnetic paper) and magnetic tapes can be written on with pencil, ballpoint pen, permanent marker or similar. Below are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • You can partially remove writing with rubbing alcohol, methylated spirit or eraser. However, marks might remain.
  • All writing utensils smear slightly when first applied. Avoid touching the foils/tapes for at least 2 minutes after writing on them (longer with water-soluble markers).
  • Any type of labelling may damage the surface. Although pen ink can be cleaned off with rubbing alcohol for instance, the ball point may still scratch the surface when enough pressure is applied.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to test all available pen types. Therefore, test your writing utensil and cleaner in a small spot before you start labelling.

Please note that residue or discolourations are more visible on light magnetic sheets and tapes than on darker ones. The indications in the following table refer to visual changes on a white sheet.
Pencil Pen Marker water-soluble Marker waterproof Marker whiteboard
Smearing by hand Yes - strong Yes - light No (when dry) No Yes - wipe clean
Eraser Surface lighter Surface lighter Surface lighter Surface lighter Surface lighter
Water Light creases Smeared No residue No effect Slight discolouration
Window and plastic cleaner No effect No effect No residue No effect No residue
Rubbing alcohol Smeared Light creases No residue Heavy residue Slight discolouration
Benzine Light creases Heavy residue Slight discolouration Heavy residue Slight discolouration
Methylated spirit No effect Light residue Light residue No residue Heavy discolouration