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Alunet shade cloth 80% S

shade netting for car and garden, 3 x 4 m

Item number M-ALU-0304
Unit of Sale 1 piece
Brand: Murghof Werkstätten
1 pc. 123,03 EUR ea.
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123,03 EUR

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Alunet shade cloth (3x4 m) for small cars

Alunet 80% is the best available shade netting for cars, vehicle trailers, camping in a campervan or tent, garden, greenhouse, water sports, and more. This lightweight and compact stow-away shade cloth is the perfect companion on hot days, particularly for dog owners who travel by car. The cloth is made of aluminium-coated polyethylene threads. Thanks to this UV-resistant coating, the shade cloth reflects 80% of solar radiation (like a mirror) and protects from sunburn and heat.

The Alunet mesh structure provides optimal air permeability and prevents heat accumulation. In cars and campervans, the windows or doors should be kept open when using the shade cloth to allow for good air circulation. Please note: In hot weather, never leave children, dogs or other animals unattended in a vehicle, even when using the Alunet.

The border of the cloth is edged by hand in Switzerland, and each corner features a grommet so the cloth can be secured and will not blow away. These four grommets are ideal for attaching the Alunet shade cloth to ferromagnetic surfaces with hook magnets. Below, you will find suitable accessories.

By the way: Should the Alunet shade cloth get a little dirty, you can clean it by hand with a mild detergent.

Please note

Improper or rough handling may cause damage to delicate surfaces such as the car finish. Especially if the car is dirty, the mesh will drag the dirt particles over the car paint which may lead to scratches. So make sure the car is as clean as possible, and don't unnecessarily drag the Alunet over the car finish.

In windy or stormy weather, strong forces act on the Alunet shade cloth. The magnetic hooks have an adhesive force of approx. 9 kg, making it possible for the Alunet to be blown away by the wind. Therefore, only use the shade cloth in calm weather conditions.

Technical data

Article ID M-ALU-0304
EAN 7640155433600
Murghof Werkstätten
Width 3 m
Length 4 m
Reflection 80%
Design Shade cloth
Weight 1,4 kg
To keep the shade cloth in place when it is windy, we carry strong neodymium magnetic hooks with scratch protection in sets of 4 as accessories in our online shop. They are great for securely attaching the cloth to the car and the felt coating prevents scratches on the car's finish.
Please note: The magnetic hooks are not included in the delivery of the shading net and need to be ordered separately.
The sewing (seam and grommets) was done in the MURGHOF sewing workshop in Switzerland. MURGHOF workshops employee physically impaired people or unemployed people who have trouble finding work in the regular marketplace.

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