When the Shelves are Full

Who says you can fill up shelves only from the bottom up?
Author: A.H., Neu÷tting, Germany
Who doesn't recognize this? Before Christmas or when you're having a bunch of visitors, you go on a real shopping spree. Then you get home with those bags full of groceries and you wonder where on earth you're going to store all of it!
A simple solution for those with metal shelving in their pantry are the small block magnets from supermagnete.nl!
I simply hang a few canned goods and bottles from the bottom of the shelf above. In this way, each shelving section can be used twice: once from below; once from above. It looks good, it's simple and it's very practical!
I used block magnets. Three to four magnets per item should be enough to hang any can or bottle that you see in the photo!
It might be better to use somewhat taller magnets because cans have a rim. Unfortunately I only had this size available. But since you can use the magnets on their sides as well, even the small, thin magnets worked fine.
Note from the supermagnete team: We copied this application to see the astonishing adhesive force for ourselves. But instead of block magnets we used flat disc magnets 20 x 3 mm. One disc per glass or can is sufficient.

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