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Sun canopy for the pram

Pimp my pram ;-)
Author: CG, Frasnacht
Online since: 30/07/2008, Number of visits: 395281
Folding top without a canopy
Folding top without a canopy
Not too long ago we got a pram for our little one. A convenient sun canopy had to be part of the equipment.
We attached the canopy on the left and right of the folding top with holding clamps. Unfortunately, we lost the holding clamps in no time, and the canopy was therefore useless :-(
Canopy spread out
Canopy spread out
After some deliberation and a few tries using hook and loop, we came up with the perfect idea. It had to be magnets. But the usual ferrite magnets were not strong enough. Then on the Internet, I stumbled upon super magnets made of neodymium. According to other customers, they are supposed to be nice and small yet super strong!
Sewed-in magnets on the canopy
Sewed-in magnets on the canopy
With a few S-10-05-N I realized the following idea:
I sewed in a disc magnet at the spots where the holding clamps used to be.
At the appropriate spots on the folding top we pushed away the fabric and superglued magnets onto the integrated metal frame, so they can't get out of place. Then we moved back the fabric in order to cover up the magnets.
If you don't need the canopy, you can roll it up, and it's compact with the two magnets.
When necessary, we unfold the canopy and stretch it over the front of the folding top. Click, click - and everything is tight.
The advantage:
  • No visible mounting
  • No more losing clamps
  • Holds it better than clamps
  • Stays in form when rolled up
Note from the supermagnete team:
  • CAUTION: Swallowing super magnets can be LIFE THREATENING (see also our warnings). If you use super magnets on a pram, please make absolutely sure and check regularly that the magnets can't come off easily or can't be removed by children.
  • Instead of normal discs sew-in magnets could have been directly sewn onto the fabric.

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