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Storage for baseball caps

A simple solution with magnets
Author: Pascal B., Switzerland
Online since: 19/12/2012, Number of visits: 101358

My cap collection

A great thing, these magnets: With just one disc magnet S-12-06-N per cap, I can hang my entire baseball cap collection on the doorframe. This saves me from having to drill holes and mount a special holder for my caps on the wall.

My mounting trick

Since the caps have a small metal button in the top centre, this is the easiest way to store and display them at the same time.

My hat collection

I also hang my hats, using two disc magnets S-10-05-N each. Depending on how much the hat weighs, it may need slightly stronger magnets. And of course, before starting this project, you need to make sure the doorframe has ferromagnetic components.

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