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Quick Change Mechanism for your Camera

A secure fixture for the new camera
Author: A. M., Kernenried, Switzerland
Online since: 27/06/2008, Number of visits: 319427
The plate, mounted on a tripod, is able to hold my Canon G9 with wide-angle lens with no problem, even though this camera isn't exactly light (ca. 800g). And still, with only a slight hand grip, the camera can be easily removed.
You will need:
  • 2 PVC plates
  • 1 metal plate ca. 1,5 mm thick
  • Counter-sunk screws M4 x 10
  • ¼ inch screws (tripod-screw thread)
  • ¼ inch thread screwdriver
  • 8 disc magnets S-10-05-N
The metal plate reduces the magnetic field directed toward the camera. I tested for possible effects using my old digital camera and was not able to establish any influence by the magnetic field, but I prefer to be on the safe side with my new camera.
The four 1,1 mm holes in the metal plate are used to stabilize the camera.
The magnets have been pressed into 9,9 mm holes and hold very well without glue.

Alternative made with a 3D printer

Addition from U. Bär, author of the project Adhesive force reducer made of PET:
I designed a magnetic two-part camera tripod coupling that can be made with a 3D printer. You can find the necessary model files under my project on printables. There are 3 cube magnets 5x5x5 mm embedded in each part.
The top part alone would be sufficient to attach the camera to any magnetic surfaces.
The bottom part features a UNC 1/4-inch thread (standard thread of tripods), which can be screwed in pretty much anywhere.
What's special is that I use the magnets for a form fit that is sustained with the magnetic force, which means the cube magnets sink halfway into the other plate and ensure an exact alignment that can't shift or turn. Hence, you can remove the camera and later place it at the exact same angle as before.
Also, the bottom part has parallel front and back edges, so you can lock it in a back vice for instance.

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