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Protect your car from paint damage

A magnetic board protects you from careless drivers causing paint damage to your car
Author: Loïc Schmidlin, Lutter, France, [email protected]
Online since: 03/08/2010, Number of visits: 369642
Every enthusiastic car driver will confirm: There is nothing worse than coming back to your parked car and finding paint damage on the car body - just because the driver next to it wasn't paying attention when opening the car door.
Thanks to your magnet I found a way to protect the car body from such damage.

Material needed (for each car side):

  • 1 wooden board, 10-20 mm thick and at least 50 cm long
  • 4 block magnets Q-19-13-06-N
  • Crowbar
  • Hammer
  • Liquid silicone (alternative: adhesive UHU MAX REPAIR)
  • Foam rubber, max. 4 mm thick (self-adhesive if possible)
Note from the supermagnete team:
Instead of block magnets, you can also use strong disc magnets or screw-on magnets (link below) which don't need to be glued on.


1. Use crowbar and hammer to work four rectangular cavities into the wooden board (8-9 mm; the whole has to be a little deeper than the magnet is high).
For round magnets: Instead of a crowbar, just use a wood drill.
2. Put silicone or UHU adhesive into the cavities and press a block magnet in each one. Let dry overnight.
3. Sand down board and edges.
4. Cut foam rubber to the size of the board.
5. On the left and the right of the board glue the foam rubber over two magnets each and press firmly.
Now attach the board to the car door when you park the car somewhere.
Tip: Stain the board in the colour of the car body, so it's less noticeable
Voilà: Now you can park your car anywhere without having to worry about paint damage caused by careless drivers.

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