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Pimp your crutches

How two small magnets can make the life of a crutch user easier
Author: C.R., Bailly, France, [email protected]
After a knee injury I had to move around with crutches for several months. Everyone who ever used crutches knows that they have the annoying tendency to fall to the ground whenever you lean them against something. It would literally take a niche in the wall to keep them up. Even leaning against a chair, the crutches are pretty unstable...
Further problems arise when you have to hold both crutches in one hand if you want to open a door for instance or if you want to pick something up from the floor.
Due to the injury I could not bend my knee, so I had a hard time picking something up from the floor. Therefore, it was very important that the crutches don't fall to to the floor constantly!
I could mention a bunch of other examples. But thanks to two magnets I could improve my situation considerably. I just had to glue a disc magnet on each crutch handle.
Here the various applications for my pimped crutches.
Picking up the key chain from the floor without bending over
(Condition: key chain is magnetic)
The crutches stabilise each other on the wall
Picking up a metal fork from the floor

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