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Pencil case with magnetic closure

Upcycling project with fabric remnants
Author: M. G., Zürich, Switzerland
Online since: 13/10/2020, Number of visits: 78801
My rather large pencil case has been an annoyance in my briefcase for quite some time. When I had some fabric left from shortening a pair of jeans, I decided to sew a slim pencil case featuring a minimalist magnetic closure. I call it the “Samurai case”. For the magnetic closure, I simply sewed two small neodymium discs type S-06-02-N into the belt. Those can move freely inside the belt. The adhesive force of the magnets is enough to hold the thick fabric together and hold the belt around the case.
Thanks to the magnetic closure, I didn’t have to worry about including a zipper in the case design. As a result, this sewing project takes very little time and is great for beginners. All I needed was a sewing machine and an iron (useful for the thicker jeans fabric).
The small disc magnets are great for hiding in the belt …
The small disc magnets are great for hiding in the belt …
… and keep the pens securely inside the case.
… and keep the pens securely inside the case.
Note from the supermagnete team:
To make sure the magnets don’t shift inside the ribbon, secure them with seams. For those who want to wash their hand-sewn case without any worries, we recommend our sew-in magnets. They are protected by a PVC cover and therefore won’t rust.

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