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Outdoor mega pan

Huge pan with removable wind screen
Author: Philippe Bron, Savigny, Switzerland
Online since: 17/01/2013, Number of visits: 415150

Our new outdoor pan

Under the tent you can see our new mega outdoor pan. I built it myself.

Original part: winepress

The base is the carriage of an old winepress. It was used to transport the wine bucket and place it under the press. To make it look nice again I had it sandblasted and painted. It is made of 10 mm thick steel plate, has a diameter of 10 mm and weighs 204 kg. From now on, it shall no longer be used for transportation but as a pan.

Conversion into a pan

In order to get to the right height, I stacked some wood under the "pan." I built a pedestal under the pan, so I could install a gas burner with 20 kW. Since a good portion of the heat will get lost due to wind, I had the idea of attaching a 0,3 mm thick aluminium plate around the pan. I attached it with 8 large ferrite disc magnets FE-S-40-20.

Use of magnets

I chose ferrite magnets because they can better withstand high temperatures than neodymium magnets. At not so hot spots I could attach hook magnets BD-FTN-32. They hold spatulas, brushes and torch.
Note from the supermagnete team: Neodymium magnets are only suitable for dry indoor use. When used outdoors they should be insulated and kept dry.

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