Moving objects series

A series of fascinating magnet sculptures
Author: pe lang, Switzerland
The artist pe lang uses our magnets on a regular basis for his successful - and often award-winning - installations. He created a whole series of objects, which he named "moving objects". We already presented one of them: see Moving object.
Here we'd like to showcase a few especially successful examples of his "moving objects" that incorporate our magnets. The Copyright for all the pictures belong to pe lang.
Please note the video on pe lang's homepage, which shows "moving objects" in motion (longer loading time, but it's worth it).
1000 W-01-N cube magnets
2 disc magnets and 2 K-13-C spheres
2 disc magnets and 1000 steel spheres with 3 mm diameter
2 disc magnets and 15 magnetic spheres in various sizes
2 disc magnets and 2 sphere magnets
2 W-12-N cubes
2 disc magnets
9 disc magnets and 40 steel spheres with 3 mm diameter
6 ring magnets in various sizes
2 disc magnets and ferrofluid
2 K-26-C magnetic spheres and 28 steel spheres with 3 mm diameter
Note from the supermagnete team: pe lang published already another interesting art project on our website:
On the artist's website you can find many more fascinating projects:

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