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Modular wooden toy cars

Magnetic toys for children
Author: FBNK, Germany
Online since: 27/03/2024, Number of visits: 9109
Toys that live up to children's imagination were the idea of the start-up company FBNK from the Münsterland region - and so the modular toy car was born. This modular wooden toy car with built-in magnets enhances the play experience for children by combining magnetic fun and play with an educational toy. The toy cars consist of various wooden modules that the children can attach to the chassis of the cars thanks to the integrated magnets. This allows them to let their imagination run wild and create countless vehicle combinations.

All components of the wooden car and the matching trailer are handmade by FBNK using local suppliers and sustainable materials.

Design of the modular toy cars

The magnets used in the toy cars are pressed in to anchor them. The magnets in the chassis of the toy cars and those in the wooden modules are embedded with opposite polarities so that they attract each other. The design devised by FBNK enables flexible and creative configurations, allowing your children to invent and build their own vehicle creations. And, since they can easily disassemble the vehicle components and reassemble them in new combinations, children will enjoy playing with these cars for a long time to come.
You can find detailed information at www.fbnk.de (in German).

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