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Mobile clothesline

This clothesline can be attached and detached in no time
Author: Anonymous
Online since: 24/02/2009, Number of visits: 415047
I designed a clothesline that can be attached and detached in a few simple steps.
The first component is the set of two GRUNDTAL hangers from IKEA. These hangers look much nicer than permanently mounted metal hooks.
Note from the supermagnete team:
The GRUNDTAL hangers are no longer available at IKEA; however, similar ones can be bought online or at DIY stores. Instead of the IKEA hangers, you could also use reasonably priced metal discs with hole from our shop to screw onto the tiles.
Besides the hangers and its accessories I needed two metal inserts and two clamps, two rawlplugs and two metal screws (see photo).
For a clothesline a steel rope with plastic coating is suitable.
I mounted the hangers with rawlplugs and screws on the tiles on the left and the right over my bath tub.
Then I made loops at the ends of the steel rope, stabilised it with metal inserts and screwed it on tightly.
Then I just had to attach a magnetic hook Ø 20 mm to each hanger and hook up the steel rope.
This mobile clothesline holds 2 or 3 bath towels with no problem - therefore, it's not necessary to use larger magnetic hooks. And when you don't need the clothesline, just hide it in a drawer. Then you can use the pretty IKEA hangers for hanging up bath or hand towels.

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