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Magnetic Misfortune

An annoying, but not totally serious mishap
Author: Büro für Utopien, Burgdorf, Switzerland
Online since: 23/11/2007, Number of visits: 365596
The Avenger magnet was unpacked on the 2nd floor.
The Avenger magnet was unpacked on the 2nd floor.
Dear supermagnete team,
I don't actually have an application for a super magnet to present, rather a kind of misfortune. It all happened while unpacking the "avenger magnet" in my room (see the red circle on the attached photo). Even before I was able to put away the last bit of packaging material (we keep everything in our family), Herbert Otto's VW Beetle crashed against the outside wall of my room. He was just on his way to get a pretzel from the bakery. I assume that his well-known tendency to drive slowly was his doom. Or perhaps it was the very solid quality of sheet metal used on the Beetle that caused it. My parents are of the opinion that I should somehow remove the Beetle from the wall. But I don't consider this my responsibility, because everybody knows that it takes two to form an attraction.

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