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Lamp with sphere magnets

A plasma lamp with highly decorative magnet pattern
Author: Tiuri Hartog, Rotterdam
Online since: 30/11/2011, Number of visits: 355694
I found a simple but beautiful application with small sphere magnets: I decorated the shade of my plasma lamp with tapes of K-05-N. In total, I used 1059 magnetic spheres.
Note from the supermagnete team:
The experiment should also work with magnetic spheres K-05-C or K-06-C.

Ste-by-Step instructions

First, place a ring of magnetic spheres at the base of the lamp.
Then, attach a ring of magnets around the whole lamp shade.
Here is the difficult part: Place a second ring of magnets at an angle of 90 degrees around the lampshade.
Caution, you need to be really careful here: The magnets easily to slip on the smooth surface!
Now it's getting easier to put additional magnet rings around the lamp. Let your imagination run wild.
The luminous lamp makes up for the arduous work. Isn't it beautiful? All those magnets attract the plasma rays and the lamp lights up in its full glory.
Note from the supermagnete team: The application is similar to the project Illuminated Magnet Spheres.

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