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Installation of acoustic panels

Mounting decorative elements with magnets
Author: Eléa T. & Amandine D., France
Online since: 25/11/2020, Number of visits: 95138

About the project

This is a project for "La Maison des Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France" in Angers Copernic and took several months to complete. It is the final assignment for a project study by two customers: A painter and a decorator. They called it "Jupiter au Pays des Polygons", which translates to “Jupiter in the Land of the Polygons”. More information about this project can be found on Instagram @jupiteraupaysdespolygones.
The idea of the project was to redecorate the corridor of an apprentice training centre and significantly improve the acoustics. To make it vibrant, our customers decided to use colours and add texture to the wall panels with leather and fabrics.
Note from the supermagnete team: This application is great for mounting many different types of acoustic and sound-absorbing panels on walls and ceilings.


To create the acoustic panels, our customers joined forces with a carpenter. He made wooden frames to which the fabrics and leather could be attached.
Next, a proper mounting solution needed to be chosen. Since the acoustic panels would be installed in a much-frequented building, they should not be easily removable. Yet, in an emergency, it must be possible to take them down.
The exclusive use of hook-and-loop closures was not an option, which is why our customers quickly focused on magnets as the primary mounting solution. They are clean and easy to use.
Each acoustic panel needed to be attached with the exact adhesive force. So, our customers decided to use the same type of magnet in two different sizes and strengths, depending on the shape and size of the wooden frames.

Magnets for mounting

The following products were used to mount the acoustic panels, depending on shape and size:

The result

The result is gorgeous and neat, and the project clients were happy with the makeover. The acoustic panels give the corridor a modern and pleasant look. In addition, acoustic absorption was increased by approx. 30%.

Our customers also hope that they were able to convince a few doubters to utilise magnets for future projects.

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