Hanging up roller blinds

Attaching blinds to the bottom side of a roller shutter casing
Author: Nico, Savoie, France
We wanted to put up blinds to cover our kitchen window. But there was little space under the roller shutter casing, so we had to find a removable solution in order to be able to use the blinds also when the window was open.
I inserted two CSN-25 pot magnets into the mounting piece of the blinds. The magnets are attached to one piece of wood each.
I screwed 4 small iron plates under the roller shutter casing, which the blinds will attach to. The two front plates will be used when the window is closed and the back two when the window is open.
Here the result with the closed window. The blinds stay on well, but the mounting is very discreet.
When the window is open, the blinds will be moved to the back and hang between the window frame and the open window. This way, the blinds cover the whole window space even when the window is open.

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