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Hanging up cooking utensils

The fume cupboard offers room for magnetic hooks
Author: L.D., Bad Grönenbach, Germany
Online since: 07/12/2011, Number of visits: 173382
Today, I once again solved a problem with your magnets:
The kitchen walls are freshly painted in white. But where do I put my cooking utensils now? Drilling holes for hooks into the new wall was not an option.
The solution came in the form of hook magnets BD-FTN-20, which are more than sufficient for this purpose with their 20 mm diameter and 11 kg adhesive force. The cooking utensils now hang from the fume cupboard.
A little luck didn't hurt: Some stainless steel is not or not sufficiently magnetic. You should test that beforehand. It worked with ours.
It is intentional that the holes of the utensils don't fully lock in the hooks: This way they are easier and quicker to remove, but still hang securely on the hook.
Addition by Werner Haussmann from Germany:
With the magnetic hookBD-FTN-16 you can easily attach cooking utensils to the base of indirect lighting under wall cupboards.
You don't need to drill can can reorganise at any time.
Note from the supermagnete team:
  • Around the extractor hood and in the kitchen in general, magnets are exposed to increased humidity and heat. Protect the magnets with transparent varnish or anticorrosion paint and check regularly if there is rust on the magnets.
  • To make sure the chrome steel doesn't get scratched, you can put rubber caps over the magnetic hooks.

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