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Hanging up a painter's sheet

How to protect walls from paint splatter
Author: Rémi Naudin, Seychalles
Online since: 09/03/2010, Number of visits: 203371
A while ago I had to repaint my ceiling in the kitchen. Since the walls have been painted just recently, I had to protect them from paint splatter. I tried to attach the plastic cover to the wall with tape, but I was unsuccessful. The tape kept peeling off the wall and fell to the floor.
Then I remembered that my flat is a new construction, and the walls are reinforced with iron girders. So I used 3 S-15-08-N disc magnets from my last order and searched the walls until I found the iron girders. Now I could easily hang the plastic cover with the magnets.
The painting took its course and when I took off the cover there was not one paint drop on the walls!
Note from the supermagnete team:
A customer took advantage of the same concept with his project Memo wall.

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