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Glueing a carnival gadget

Magnets hold cardboard pieces in place until adhesive is dry
Author: Davide Barberis, Italy, [email protected]
Online since: 07/06/2010, Number of visits: 261797
For last year's carnival I had something special in mind: I replicated a Proton Pack from the movie "Ghostbusters" with corrugated cardboard. As you can see, many cardboard pieces of different sizes and shapes needed to be glued together. The pieces had to be pressed together hard in order for the adhesive to do its job.
At first, I tried to hold pieces in place with metal weights, but that didn't work too well. Heavy weights crushed the cardboard, and light weights didn't apply enough pressure. Also, I was running out of metal weights quickly, so I couldn't work on a different piece while the other one dried. Finally, the weights proved to be too big and unpractical with small cardboard pieces.
Then I had the idea of using magnets to press cardboard pieces together. This has several advantages: Magnets allow me to continue working on the same piece while it dries.
Here I used four ring magnets R-15-06-06-N.
They also work well for holding together small and light pieces, in this case even upright pieces. That wouldn't be possible with a metal weight.
In this picture you can see two discs S-20-05-N.
And finally, the selected magnets hold together the pieces without causing pressure marks on the cardboard.
I am very satisfied with the result and I'd like to recommend this application.

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