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Frying pan on the wall

That's where the frying pan comes into its own
Author: M.L., Finland
Online since: 11/02/2010, Number of visits: 282087
I was quite surprised that no one published this idea before I did! The implementation is totally simple:

  1. Order 3 countersunk pot magnets type CSN-25 at supermagnete.nl
  2. Using screws, attach the magnets to the kitchen wall, keeping them close to each other
  3. Let a frying pan or other iron pan catch onto the magnets
  4. Enjoy the resulting loud "clunk" :-)
Note from the supermagnete team:
Prior to putting this plan in action, test the pan you want to hang to make sure it is truly magnetic. Frying pans made of aluminium, for example, can’t be hung on a wall using magnets.
That works great for me: The pan sticks to the wall safely, but you can take it off with little effort.
As opposed to mounting it on a hook (see pan below), this does not make the wall dirty.
Most importantly, this "levitating" pan looks really cool :-)!

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