Flower picture as an eye catcher

The summer garden for the wall is easily realized
Author: Christiane E. Bracher, Ostermundigen, Switzerland
You want to make this beautiful flower picture on your own?

You need:

  • a picture frame of desired size
  • a white fly screen gauze
  • a thin velcro strip
  • pins
  • small test tubes
  • pretty flowers and grasses
  • 2 disc magnets S-08-03-N per test tube
Please note: You can also use twigs and dried flowers and grasses instead of fresh ones. You should not choose flowers with very heavy blossoms.


1. Cut the fly screen gauze to the size of the picture frame.
2. Attach the gauze firmly to the backside of the picture frame with velcro and pins. Cut off overlaying gauze.
3. Place a disc magnet in every test tube.
4. Attach the test tube to the gauze with a second disc magnet (on the backside of the gauze) (see picture).
5. Place several test tubes next to each other on the bottom of the picture frame.
6. With a spray bottle fill up the test tubes with water (see picture).
7. Arrange the flowers and grasses in the test tubes as desired.
8. Mount the picture frame carefully at a visible spot and maybe even illuminate it.
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