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Floating cosmetics organiser

For tidiness in the bathroom, hang up cosmetic products on a magnetic bar
Author: Frantasiaaa Bastelblog, Berlin, Germany
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Mess among the cosmetic articles

We tend to have so many cosmetic articles that we stow away in bags, purses, drawers or baskets. The problem is that we often have to dig through everything to find the desired lipstick or nail polish.

Solution: Attach everything to a magnetic bar

There is a great and space-saving DIY alternative to organise your cosmetics. Not only does it look classy, it is also extremely practical.

Materials needed

First, arrange all the articles that you would like to hang up.
Then, attach a disc magnet to each one of them. Due to its self-adhesive side, it attaches well to the different cosmetics surfaces. Press on the magnets hard and let them rest for a few hours.

Reflective magnetic bar

Now you can attach the magnetic bar to the wall. The reflective surface looks great and fits perfectly in the bathroom or also in the bedroom or walk-in closet.

Mounting the magnetic bar

The magnetic bar comes with mounting instructions - horizontal (e.g. under the bathroom mirror) or vertical. Since it is attached to the wall with magnets, it looks like it floats.

Flexible attachment

Now you can attach the different products on the strip and organise them by type, size, colour, etc. - or just mix them up.

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