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Floating ceiling lights

Large-scale, seemingly now-screw ceiling lights
Author: Jürgen, Stuttgart, Germany
Online since: 03/07/2009, Number of visits: 166622
Topside of the case board
Topside of the case board

Instructions for floating ceiling lights

Goal: Changing or maintaining lights or halogen transformers without tools thanks to the use of magnets.
Caution: Use an electrician for the electric installation!

Preparing the case board

  1. Use a light-weight construction case board and mill round openings to the botom side to embed the magnets and bulbs.
  2. Mill two cavities to the top side for wood with safety chains.
  3. Drill through the entire wood for cables (slits) and the transformers (round holes).
Later, the whole board will seem to float on perforated plates on the ceiling thanks to four countersunk pot magnets type CSN-20.
Screw the magnets parallel to each other with a countersunk head screw, but only deep enough into the board so the magnets have a little wiggle room to level out potential unevenness in the ceiling.
Bottom side of the case board
Bottom side of the case board

Attaching the halogen bulbs

To be able to exchange the bulbs after assembly without tools, they are not screwed in but held up with one screw-on CS-S-15-04-N magnet each.
Note: The picture shows a ring magnet which should not be screwed on as it may break. Countersunk disc magnets or other pot magnets with a suitable diameter are better.
I used recessed luminaires that are specially made for this purpose and disseminate warmth downwards. The bulbs are metal-covered on the wood side, which allows the little residual heat to distribute evenly without a fire hazard.

Mounting the case board

Screw two longer perforated plates onto the ceiling and hang up the safety chain on the ceiling.
Let the case board snap onto the perforated plates.
Your beautiful ceiling lighting is all done! Different designs are possible (see below).
If you like this application, you may also be interested in the project Dropped ceiling with halogen spotlights.

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