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Facial tissue holder

Vertical use the practical facial tissue box
Author: Philippe FAURE, Avignon, France
Online since: 21/06/2011, Number of visits: 113150
Store-bought facial tissue boxes are intended for use on level surfaces.
To save space, we want to stand the box up and use it vertically, for example, on top of a rack. Unfortunately, standing the box on its side makes it very unstable; and the emptier the box gets, the more difficult it is to take a tissue out without tipping the box over (see picture).
The use of your super magnets can remedy the situation, and in two different scenarios at that.

1st situation: Magnetic surface

This is the easier of the two scenarios. We only have to make two small hardly noticeable cuts in the bottom of the box and insert two neodymium ring magnets on each side. For this project, we chose the type R-27-16-05-N magnets.
Now, we can conveniently snap the box onto a metal surface (i.e. refrigerator). The adhesive force of 11 kg guarantees a secure hold.
One small word of caution: Once the box is empty, it is highly recommended to take one of the magnets out of the box first before detaching the box from the surface. If you fail to do this, the two ring magnets will join together when you remove the box and could be almost impossible to separate again ...

2nd situation: Non-magnetic surface

Our second mission: Use the tissue box vertically on a piece of wooden furniture in the bathroom. Another requirement: The box should not disturb the arrangement of the bottles that were already there. Mission Impossible? Not with super magnets!
As a solution, we attached two metal strips to the furniture. The box attaches to the metal track with magnets, preventing it from falling off. Two strong disc magnets stabilise the positioning of the tracks.
Materials needed for this solution:
  • 2 metal strips
  • 1 sturdy strap (e.g. from a backpack)
  • powerful stapler
  • 2 ring magnets type R-27-16-05-N
  • 2 disc magnets type S-20-10-N
We placed the two metal strips on the furniture at a distance of 14 cm. If the distance is less, the disc magnets could snap together instead of sticking to the strips. Next, we used a stapler to attach the strap to the furniture. The staples must have sufficient distance from the metal strips; otherwise, the box can not slide on the strips.
Then we slid the ring magnets into the box on the side where we wanted them to stick to the tracks. The tissues are usually very compressed inside the box – you have to be careful not to mess up the whole configuration.
I recommend putting only one ring magnet into the box first, letting the box snap onto one strip and only then pushing the second magnet into the tissue box. This will prevent the rings from snapping together inside the box.
Now we only had to stabilise the whole thing: We let two large disc magnets snap onto the strap so that the tracks can no longer slide around (see picture).
If we want to turn the box left or right, we remove one of the disc magnets, reposition the tracks accordingly and return the disc magnets to the strap.
The other bathroom necessities can easily be lined up again behind the disc magnets.

Note from the supermagnete team:
The second version of the facial tissue holder can be simplified a little by using self-adhesive metal strips or screw-on metal strips. These strips are also easy to install on a wall to not only create more storage space but also help you organise at the same time. To find inspiration, take a look at the projects 'Floating cosmetics organiser' and 'Organised bathroom cabinet'.

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