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Equip a terrarium with accessories

Discreet mounting of misting nozzles, heat lamp and lighting
Author: Günter R., Wien, Austria
Online since: 15/02/2010, Number of visits: 74962
Terrariums are generally available with one of three lid/roof versions. All have their disadvantages:
  • Screen lid: too much heat and moisture escapes
  • Wooden lid: bulky and blocks the view
  • Glass roof: lamps and other electrical accessories can usually only be attached using frame construction or permanent bonding
My solution for a terrarium with a glass roof: a combination of magnetic hooks and disc magnets through the 5 mm thick glass lid. The accessories can be easily attached to the hooks. Sliding the magnet on the outside allows for the accessories to be repositioned without startling the terrarium dwellers.
However, there is a risk that the glass pane will be scratched by the hard nickel coating of the magnets. The solution for a dry environment are sticky notes, which are attached with the adhesive side to the magnets on the inside and on the outside.
For a humid environment, you could cut discs from 200 to 300 µm thin transparent sheets, such as cover sheets for binder systems, for example.
The two misting nozzles each hang on an BD-FTN-13. On the outside of the glass, an S-12-06-N serves as a counterpart for each one.
The hose is directed to the edge of the terrarium with additional BD-FTN-13 or, also possible, BD-FTN-25. The same disc magnets are used as counterparts.
Here is the discreet and
Here is the discreet and "tidy" glass roof with misting nozzles on either side.
Here is the mounting for the ceramic socket, lampshade and heat lamp. The lamp hangs from an BD-FTN-20, with a disc magnet type S-20-02-Non the outside.
Lastly, the fluorescent lamp is held by an BD-FTN-25. A disc magnet type S-20-05-N is used as a counterpart.
The advantages of my application:
  • Permanent glue bonding, discolouring double-sided tape or less attractive plastic holders are no longer necessary.
  • The accessories (misting nozzle, light and heat lamp) can be repositioned in the terrarium with little effort.
As you can see, the inhabitants (leopard geckos) feel right at home in the terrarium.
As you can see, the inhabitants (leopard geckos) feel right at home in the terrarium.

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