Door stopper

The times of slamming doors during draughts are definitely over!
Author: Maximilian, Milano, Italy
Whenever when you air out your home, a door may slam shot at some point. If you would like to avoid that, I can show you how to make the most convenient door stopper of all times real fast.
You need only two of your amazing magnets: 1x Q-20-20-10-N and 1x pot magnet CSN-32.
Magnet Block Q-20-20-10 held in the door bumper
Magnet Block Q-20-20-10 held in the door bumper
First buy a typical door bumper made of vulcanized rubber, used to protect walls and furniture from a banging by hard door handles.
Position the bumper on the door handle so that the handle is still comfortable to use then insert the Block Magnet into the second loop. In this way, the magnet is held securely and cannot easily slip out of the loop.
These door bumpers are very elastic so don't worry that the loop will be too tight for the magnet.
Now open the door completely and determine the proper position for mounting the second magnet, the screw-on pot magnet.
Magnet in steel pot with countersunk borehole: CSN-32
Magnet in steel pot with countersunk borehole: CSN-32
Use a power drill, rawlplug and screw in the proper size. I used a rawlplug with a diameter of 5mm, which is appropriate for any relatively hard wall. For weaker walls, I would suggest using a longer rawlplug.
This door stays open
This door stays open
From now on you can open your door comfortably and even without an additional door stopper it is practically impossible that the door can close again on it's own - unless there is a tornado :-)
Given the distance between the magnets created by the bumper, this combination of magnets is, in my opinion, perfect. I have also tried it with a CSN-40 pot magnet, but it was too strong for our situation. However, if your door was subjected to really strong winds, this might be a viable alternative.

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