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Dog collar “NIGHTY”

A flexible collar for 400 dog breeds
Author: Q-Products Ltd., Werksvertretung Deutschland, Seligenstadt, Germany, [email protected]
Online since: 26/01/2011, Number of visits: 112862
The company Q-Products has been manufacturing electronic light-up collars in series since 1998 and is experienced when it comes to fit and functionality for 400 dog breeds.
Our latest product (dog collar and sash) is called q-products.de® NIGHTY. The NIGHTY collar uses colourful glow sticks, best known from events and fairs. A diversity of colours and styles is the current trend. Be it for a doggie get-together or going-out – NIGHTY’s will catch the eye for many hours.
For this new generation of light-up collars and light-up sashes, it was necessary to find a suitable flexible coupling matching our high standards. We found it with your sphere magnets K-10-C and K-13-C.
The advantages of your sphere magnets:
1. The sphere magnets allow for tremendous flexibility along with the 5 mm steel head on both ends of the collar.
2. It is possible to use spheres of different strengths on the same collar so that dogs of different sizes can free themselves should the collar get caught on something.
3. The spheres attach very firmly to the steel head made of regular steel. When the collar is opened, the sphere always sticks to one end and will not get lost.
4. Large sphere magnets also offer enough adhesive force for a sash which can be used by rescue dog handlers, horse riders, hunters, skaters, joggers and other athletes, to name a few.
We have registered the NIGHTY collar and sash with the German Patent and Trademark Office under reference number 40 2010 002 038.2 and 039.1.
The products can be ordered from the homepage of Q-Products Ltd.

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