Designer knife block

An elegant revolving knife block
Author: Meike, Germany
My application is a knife block for my husband's self-forged damask knife. In contrast to the already existing customer application Knife Block I made due with much fewer magnets and I came up with a more space-saving model.
With the help of a carpenter I mitred four side pieces, one bottom and one top piece out of birch-wood. (A much simpler, but less elegant solution would be a bunch of plywood!)
I drilled a hole in the bottom piece to fit the stainless steel pole (10 mm) and enlarged it a little bit with a round file, so the block would revolve easier.
I used a 20 mm centre bit (Forstnerbohrer) to drill three cavities at a distance of approx. 30 mm (one below the other) into the 4 side pieces. I made sure that about 4-5 mm of wood remained towards the outside as to not penetrate the wood entirely with the drill bit.
Then I glued the 12 S-20-10-N magnets into the holes with a strong adhesive and thereafter glued the six wood pieces together.
With a 12 mm drill I drilled a cavity into the inside of the top piece to hold the pole.
I had a stonemason make me a an almost square base piece with a hole for the stainless steel pole. Both pieces I connected with a strong adhesive.
After everything was dry, I sanded down the block until it was beautifully smooth. Then I treated it with linseed oil (olive oil would work too).
Now it's time to put the wooden block on the stainless steel pole - done!
Beautiful and astoundingly strong!
The forged knife has a blade length of 19 cm (+ 11 cm handle) and weighs about 200 g. The other knives are store-bought and lighter, like a bread knife with a blade length of 20 cm, weighing 90 g.
How well they stick to the block is demonstrated in the following video.

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