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Darts on the blowpipe

That's how you protect clothes and skin from sharp arrows
Author: G.C., Hombrechtikon, Switzerland
Online since: 18/02/2010, Number of visits: 409257
I like to shoot blowpipe darts in my free time with my friends. We all have a lot of fun with it. The only problem always was where to put the darts during shooting.
Keeping them in your hand is annoying, the systems that can be purchased are expensive and look cheap and don't fit on home-made pipes.
Normally, I would pierce the darts through my pants or sleeves, which of course was not particularly good for my clothes.
My small Q-10-04-1.5-G block magnets inspired the following idea. Since they are so small I attached 8 magnets in a row with duct tape behind the handle piece on the blowpipe.
The darts are now attached to the blowpipe until I shoot them. The result: No more wholes in my clothes and no more piercing. A convenient solution for a typical blowpipe shooter problem.
Important: With other coatings, e.g. leather, you have to use stronger magnets, since there will be a greater distance between magnet and dart.
The next time (or after my next magnet order) I would make two rows of magnets next to each other. This way, each dart would be held twice and stay even better in the desired angle.
I had a leather bracelet and a Q-40-10-05-N cube magnet left over, so I tried an alternative dart storage. I glued the magnet under the leather bracelet and covered it up with a piece of leather. I did not want to have the magnet directly on my skin to protect it from corrosion.
This magnet is clearly stronger and holds the darts even through the thick leather without problems.
Which way is better? It depends:
When you have the darts on your bracelet there is little danger of getting pierced during a round.
If you attach the darts to your pipe, you can just put it in a corner during a break and drink a beer safely. You can also hand over the pipe to a fellow shooter and he gets the right darts with it.

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