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Cutting aid for power saws

Simple handing thanks to magnets
Author: Olivier Dadure, Association "Le petit jardin des écoliers 61", Le Plantis, France
Online since: 08/05/2017, Number of visits: 324849

Cutting aid in forestry

In order to cut tree trunks and branches to the same length, a cutting aid is often used in forestry.
With the standard models available in stores, they have to be screwed to the saw. This ensures that the cutting rod is safely in place, but it also makes it hard to attach and remove.
To get around this, we designed a cutting aid that can be attached to the saw with a magnet, which ensures a strong hold, but also easy removal.

Materials needed

Drill a 7 mm hole in the middle of the aluminium disc, and for better visibility, paint the disc with fluorescent paint.
Now screw a TCN-32 pot magnet to the one end of the M5 threaded bar.
On the other end, string up the remaining parts in the following order:
M5 wing nut -> M5 locking nut -> washer -> aluminium disc ->washer -> M5 locking nut

With the help of the nuts, you can now adjust the aluminium disc to the desired position.

1. Measure

Saw the first notch, then use the cutting aid to measure for the next notch.

2. Saw notches

Now saw all the notches in the defined distance.

3. Sawing

After removing the magnetic measuring aid, all the pieces can be cut in the same length.
Tip:I attached the cutting aid to the metal sickle holder around my waist, so I wouldn't lose it while I cut the logs.
If you want to see the magnetic cutting aid in action, watch the following video:

Note from the supermagnete team: When handling power saws, it is important to adhere to the necessary safety measures. We cannot guarantee the secure hold of magnets on power saws.

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