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Casulo - The Mobile Bedroom

The complete bedroom on a pallet
Author: Sebastian Mühlhäuser und Marcel Krings, Köln, Germany, [email protected]
Online since: 04/03/2008, Number of visits: 589652
Casulo is the complete furnishings of a bedroom which can be constructed or dismantled in less than 8 minutes and packed onto a single European pallet. No tools are required.
A "packed" Casulo is a box in the size of 80 x 120 x 90 cm, exactly the base area of a euro-pallet. More accurately, all of the furnishings are built using the box and its contents as well as the pallet itself - not a single piece goes unused in the construction of the furnishings. Because of this, the Casulo can be transported within Germany as general cargo by any transport company for about 80€. At the same time, the furnishings are optimally secured without the need for additional packing materials. It's a living solution following the motto: "Here today, gone tomorrow!".
With a width of only 80 cm, Casulo can pass through any normal doorway. If there is no elevator available, the individual pieces of the furnishings can easily be carried by maximum two people. In addition, approximately one-third of the volume of the packed box can be used to store personal items.
Several neodymium magnets are used to aid construction. The outer walls of the transport box can be quickly folded to build the walls of the wardrobe. Scratches which might have occurred during transport will not be visible after construction. The tension belt, which held the box closed during transport, will now be used to hold the wardrobe.
The table can be put to the side. It forms the structure of the box during transport and can be loaded with an additional 200 kg. of moving boxes if need be. All further elements of the furnishings are stored inside the "cage", which cannot be damaged or shift during transport.
The three parts of the height-adjustable stool are held together by magnets during transport. Other magnets are used to hold the table in place. The table itself can be expanded to 160 x 80 cm, providing for adequate working space. The individual shelves of the shelving unit lie flat on the pallet and will be folded and stuck together.
Adequate storage space can be found in the drawers and in the two additional stools, which can also be used as night tables. The colorful straps used on all movable parts of the furnishings build an overall design element.
Lengths of felt are used as both the door of the wardrobe as well as the small pockets on the shelving unit and are held in place by magnets. The felt door can be opened on either side and is held to each side wall by additional magnets. The felt pockets on the shelving units can also be placed individually with the help of magnets.
Rather than use a clothes rail, which uses up space unnecessarily and also requires tools to be mounted, clothes are hung using magnetic hangars attached to a metal molding in the ceiling of the wardrobe. Since no screws or other small pieces are required for construction, nothing can be lost!
Marcel Krings, Design Degree, University of Applied Sciences
Marcel Krings, Design Degree, University of Applied Sciences
Casulo was developed by Sebastian Mühlhäuser and Marcel Krings during their final year project at the Cologne International School of Design. In November the two designers were awarded the "Abraham and David Roentgen Prize" for their project.
SuperMagnete.de sponsored the project by providing the required magnets.

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