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Board for magnet storage

How do I store all of my strong magnets?
Author: C.H., Lichtenstein/Sachsen, Germany
Online since: 07/11/2011, Number of visits: 397099
If you frequently use different magnets, you get to the point where storage becomes an issue.
First option: Leave all magnets in the packaging that they were delivered in. That seems like a safe bet, but you don't really see the magnets when you need one and you're still determining which one would be most suitable. Also, it's almost a shame to keep magnets under wraps like that. They are beautiful after all :-)
Second option: Put all magnets on a table or shelf. But everyone who owns strong magnets knows that this is not a good idea.
Third (my) option: Make a special board to safely store your magnets!

Material needed:

  • Steel plate 600 x 300 mm, 2 mm thick
  • Felt 600 x 300 mm, 5 mm thick
  • 2 countersunk screws
Backside of the board
Backside of the board


I drilled two holes with a diameter of 5 mm into the metal plate and put a countersink in each of them. Then, I glued the felt on the side with the countersink. Now, I only had to screw two countersunk screws into the wall and hang up the plate.
Now, I can put my magnets on the felt.
The photo illustrates the mounting principle with a small piece of iron. In reality, I drilled and countersunk the big steel plate, of course.
Here are the magnets shown in the photo:
The memo holders need to be stabilised on blocks, so they won't fall off.
All magnets stick well to the 2 mm of steel and 5 mm of felt. However, you can easily remove them from the board.
Note from the supermagnete team: Of course, you can also put your magnets directly on a steel plate (without felt), but then they are less protected and harder to remove.
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