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An Organised Sewing Table

A well organised sewing table makes for easier working
Author: Johanna K., Salzburg, Austria
I have organised my sewing table with your magnets. It's not exactly "original" but it's very practical!
Many things are possible with my Pfaff 138/6 which other sewing machines cannot handle. Although its old, it still works well. Recently I was thrilled to find the original sewing table for my machine at a flea market.
Your neodymium magnets are really practical for organizing my working space without drilling dozens of unnecessary holes in the wooden table. The ruler, tweezers and screwdriver all hang on the iron bracket under the table.
It is very helpful to be able to attach the small metal pieces, which one sometimes has to remove from the machine, directly onto the machine itself. In my opinion, this solution is ideal: you always have the pieces in view and they can't get lost somewhere in the depths of a drawer.
A sphere magnet is also a good solution for storing safety pins. But for normal sewing and fixing pins magnets don't work so well because the sharp point of the pin can face outwards.
Still, I wouldn't want to be without magnets anymore when sewing. You can recover missing pins even from the thickest carpet or fluffiest materials.

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