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3D-printed board magnet

Releasing a magnet at the push of a button with a built-in magnet lifter
Author: U. Bär, Schwalbach
Online since: 02/10/2023, Number of visits: 10540
Using my 3D printer, I created a practical handle for super magnets with a diameter of 8 mm x 5 mm. However, the adhesive force of the finished board magnet was uncomfortably high unless you wanted it to hold a stack of business cards. When using it as a fridge magnet, it always felt like I was going to open the refrigerator door when removing the magnet. That’s why I developed the 'Magnet Lifter', which lifts the magnet from the surface with the push of a button. While it is being detached, the adhesive force of the magnet in question is reduced from 2 kg to less than 100 g. This makes it easier for me to reposition or remove the board magnet from the mounting surface. Nevertheless, I can still use it to securely hold a multipage letter or brochure on the refrigerator.
The 'Magnet Lifter' releases the magnet at the push of a button through localised traction.
First, I drew the magnet lifter in my program. You can download the 3D printer templates and model files from my profile on printables.
Print your office magnet on your 3D printer in different colours to suit your taste. I printed mine in orange and blue.

Into the finished holder, I glued a disc magnet type S-08-05-E, measuring 8 mm x 5 mm. Despite its small size, it still has an adhesive force of approx. 2 kg. This completed my special 3D-printed board magnet.
However, the model can also be easily adjusted to hold larger magnets, e. g. with a size of 10 mm × 10 mm. In addition, the board magnet is a good fit for the beautiful metal strips from supermagnete.nl.

Note from the supermagnete team: The magnetic boules lifter from the project Magnetic pick-up tool for Petanque balls also works on a similar principle.

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