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Customer testimonials

«This is only to express my full satisfaction with the superb treatment I have received from your company, especially from Nico Meili. Your website is absolutely friendly and very easy to navigate and I also appreciate your detailed information about your products. I am sure I will return to buy from you again and give my total recommendation to my colleagues and friends.»

«I ordered some magnets and they arrived really quickly, I even got some extra magnets for free! Although I ordered small magnets they are very strong and sometimes painful when your finger is in between :)»

«Great! 15 minutes ago my father said with your box in his hands "did you buy other magnets? If your answers is YES I'll hang you to the wall with this magnets!! Ahahahahahah don't worry he is still trying to separate two W-12-G, I have a lot of time to take flight :D:D; My mom has just fell in love with FTNT-25...I think I need another one...It's a pleasure to deal with you, see you soon, byebye. P.S. thank you a lot for the K-19-C, I love them. P.P.S. I'm a kind of superman, I CAN SEPARATE MY TWO Q-40-40-20-N WITH MY OWN HANDS WITHOUT ANY TOOL...I'm the real colossus!!»

«Highly recommended, super fast delivery, will buy again. Death magnets are go...»

«I would like to congratulate you on your fantastic products and services. I live in Scotland but you managed to ship me my order within 3 days of ordering! I have waited longer for products shipped from within the UK. Thank you for your speedy service. The actually magnets themselves are simply amazing. I didn't in my life believe such strong and compact magnets existed.»

«I'm extremely happy with my order, these magnets are fantastic and so very powerful. The only trouble is, they're also very addictive....I NEED MORE!! Thanks for a great product and super service.»

«Received my order today, delivered faster than some things I've ordered from the UK! Surprised by the free gift, much appreciated. Many thanks. »

«Hi - got my magnets delivery yesterday. I had made myself bleed within 30 seconds with a good FINGER PINCH. We then started to mess around with the magnets in the office and let 2 of them clamp together - they clamp so strongly that they got LUMPS chipped off them! I'll certainly order some more!»

«By this I like to let you know that I am very happy with your service. I have done some previous orders, and everytime I was treated with the best service a client could ask for. Thanks for the way you handled even the smallest order.»

«Thanks for the magnets. Thanks especially for the extra magnets. When I was opening the package, first I was detaching S-20-10-N discs from their own package and immediately I got 2 of those magnets stuck to together and I had hard time detaching them. Later i detached those with a flat knife.»

«Yesterday evening my flat mate got to know the "skin pincher" [Q-20-20-10-N] a bit closer. He yelped like a puppy dog.»

«I am so surprised that an Internet order can be executed so painlessly and so fast these days that I just felt I needed to tell you. I wish you many more happy customers.»

«The magnets are unbelievable, and of course I have already pinched my fingers (not for the first time ...)»

«You guys are crazy! I haven't seen anything like that before.»

«Having read the part of your warnings where it says "Don't say you haven't been warned" I let two Q-25-25-13 clash together yesterday while holding my finger between them. One would not believe how much that hurts!!»

«Thank you very much for the magnets ... EVERYONE is enthralled by them ...»

«Must not buy DEATH MAGNET. Must resist. Must not buy DEATH MAGNET ...»

«Everything is very fine, Im happy with my magnets. I'm very glad you gave some cube magnets with all others. Those big ones are really strong and I'm afraid to experiment with them without gloves, they really make that "shnapp" - effect.»
E.H. from Finland